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The shOws - Fall/Winter 2013 - Tanya Taylor and Steven Tai

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Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

Hats off to Paola Fullerton, Founder and Creative Director of The shOws!  This event gives Canadian Designers an opportunity to share their work, free of production costs.  Hopefully, this will happen in Vancouver, too as costs are prohibitive, particularly for new designers.  I've seen excellent Grad shows from our Fashion Design and Merchandizing Programs and know that a shOws event would be a great start to Vancouver Fashion and ECO Fashion Weeks.  Kudos to Brill Communications as well who produced two days of fashion shows!

DANIEL et DANIEL did a super catering job; the presentation was gorgeous and the wraps, cheeses, dips and vegies were just perfect bites between the shows.  Food plentiful and plates and tables were attractive and spotless, always.  Andrew richard designs....EVENTS did a terrific job of providing a well lit, comfortable setting and transformed the space into an inviting, happening place to enjoy the shows, meet up with friends and celebrate the fashion season.

Tanya Taylor
Originally from Toronto, Tanya Taylor is now based in New York and founded her company in 2011.  Her heels and socks and swing coats and skirts are a nod to vintage, while her contained squares and medallion patterns as well as unusual and very geometric use of plaids and checks  are more today and tomorrow.  The wool and cashmere jackets and coats are never bulky and are sporty and classic at the same time.  The post show discussion with Alexandra Palmer, Sr. Curator at the ROM and Tanya, provided interesting information about some of Tanya's designs being produced at an old German Knitwear Factory in New York, which has swatches from the 30's and beyond.  This proved to be a fruitful collaboration for her and the Knitwear professionals.  She also referred to her florals and medallions as being inspired by John Pierre Renaud, a Ceramic Tile Artist, who is also a Horticulturalist.   Tanya's collection is a clever mismatch of unexpected patterns, shapes, textures and prints that all go well together.  Striking use of color, especially in the striped grey coat with yellow and the matching yellow sweater.  Way to make an outfit and a statement!  Be gone, Winter!

Steven Tai
Steven Tai was born in Vancouver and boy is he needed there!  From Vancouver to London, where he received the Chloe Award in 2012, he's shown at Berlin Fashion Week and Paris and this is first presentation at the shOws, in Toronto. He showed us four pieces from his collection for the Chloe Award.  Being a nerd, he is fascinated with books and investigated book binding.  His work contained different ways to incorporate pages as design features. For the pictures on his sweatshirts in the latest collection, he collaborated with an Italian Artist who collects and works with vintage post cards.  The pictures are shiny, colorful works of art, such a relief from slogans and skeletons so prevalent today.  He experiments with using found materials and quilts, hand sews and weaves them in intricate patterns.
This is definitely a way to enhance the look of sportswear!  There were lots of pockets and magnet closings and colorful running shoes that were absolutely a match for each outfit.  Really quirky and different!

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