Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Tenth Wearable Art Awards - 2013

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

The 10th Wearable Art Event, February 16th at the Port Moody Arts Centre was terrific!  I can't wait to find out the award winners and would find it hard not to award each of the 61 entries that graced the red carpet and three stages, that evening.  Thankfully, there is a jury of three judges, Angela, costume designer extraordinaire and previous Wearable Arts Award Winner, Gayle, an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley (remember, you can't teach this, you have to nurture, mentor and guide and that takes enormous talent) and Zoe, current Port Moody Councillor, Chair of Arts & Culture Committee for the city and Council Rep on the board of the Port Moody Arts Centre Society.  I fall in love with each piece, marvel at its creator's imagination and ingenuity, wonder at its meaning, am awed by its impact statement, and am always amazed at how this event brings people from all over the world, here to Port Moody.  This year, the submissions were from B.C., Alberta, Ontario, California, New York, Washington, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio, Netherlands, and more.

The Art is truly wearable and very effectively comes alive with the outstanding dancers, who are expert at demonstrating Art as costume, clothing, fashion, style, history, mythology, the power and majesty of
the environment, politics, and the positives and negatives of which humans are capable.  All of this as well as the captivating draw of color, shape, texture, technology and the fantastic mix of materials:
sea shells, old jewelry, lights, credit cards, cds, love letters, catalogues, doll furniture, military badges, wrapping paper, silks, chiffon, feathers, mesh, wire, wood, spoons, zippers, all shaped, sewn, embroidered, felted, glued and more, much more.  Now what could you make and how would you put it together?  Award categories, this year, included: Open, (I might be the least afraid to try this one) Head-dress, Special Material of the year (Silk) (yikes - can you imagine sewing with silk?) Second Life and other special categories. I wish there could be additional awards, both for choreography, dance and for the gorgeous hair designs from LEGACY Hair Studio and La Bella Vita Salon.  Kudos for hair styles that exactly fitted each dress or accessory.  I was impressed with that intricate braiding!  Make-up, too!

I would like to see Wearable Arts at ECO Fashion Week and at other Art Galleries and how about at the Woodwards' Building Venue and the Museum of Vancouver.  This is a must see for everyone!  Hats off and a bow for Port Moody, City of the Arts and Host of the Wearable Art Awards!

Hidden Midden by Jennifer Getsinger, B.C.
Photos by Connie T

The Wooden Pieces of Joy by Salomeh Honarmand

My Garden by Leonieke Rammelt, Netherlands

Flight by Rowan Kehn, Julie Glaspy, B.C.

 Save Me Momn, by Carol Funnell, B.C.

Web Weavers by Mary Walker, B.C.

Green Tree, by Fariba Mirzale, B.C.

My Secret Love by Willena Nanton, New York

Thalassa by Tommy Jane Lepp, Ontario


Anonymous said...

Amzing Article, just a correction needs to be done, second photo is not celtic keyboard, is #20 the wooden pieces of joy by Salomeh Honarmand.


Anthea said...

Thank you Salomeh! Apologies - we have made the correction :)

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