Monday, April 25, 2011

A Great Interview With Jeanne Beker

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Written by Treasure Seeker Colleen

Today, on CBC Radio One: The Next Chapter, Shelagh Rogers interviewed Jeanne Beker about her latest book: "Finding Myself in Fashion" as well as her career and life lessons. You could hear Jeanne's smile and enthusiasm throughout the conversation. Even if you meet her at a busy Fashion Week or at the Bay's White Space for her introduction to her new clothing line: Edit, Jeanne is always interested in meeting people and is especially patient (always professional) with the crowds of fashionistas who gather around her.

This is Jeanne's second book, published close to her fifty ninth birthday and is her 'taking stalk' and passing on her stories and 'life lessons'. She writes, produces, designs, models and does a myriad of other creative things that keep her at the top of her game and always on the stage. She is very optimistic and looks forward every day to incredible possibilities.

I have read both of her books and find that readers are invited in easily and yet can still learn some very practical tips to looking their best. Jeanne's clothing line, Edit, is just as practical, yet classic and affordable. She says, " We are all part of fashion whether we realize it or not." Nice to be included in that circle, for once.

Jeanne Beker has a lot of positive influences in her life, especially her parents. Because both are holocaust survivors, she feels she has achieved their dreams. Her confidence, courage and tenacity come from them as well as from her own faith in the positive. She is tough and never gives up and gives us an example of that by telling the story about her first pregnancy during the early 80's. Her boss asked when she would be back to Fashion Television and she said, "Oh in a couple of weeks." She explains that in those days, no-one held your job for you and there were lots of others waiting in line for hers. She has always found joy in balancing career and family.

When Shelagh asked her how she kept in such great shape, Jeanne said she carries so many heavy suitcases all over the world and is constantly on the run and that that helps. For the interview at CBC, she was wearing that cute little black dress from her Edit line, killer high heeled boots, silver earrings and a fabulous cuff. She sounds fantastic and looks it too. Rock on Jeanne!

For more details, go to next chapter. Enjoy!

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