Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sleep and Poetry: OR by Angela Chen

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Prior to fashion week I had the privilege of interviewing Angela Chen of OR. Check out this short interview and a few looks from her latest collection. You can see her runway show at Toronto LG Fashion Week on Friday April 1st at 2:00pm.

A: What are your inspirations for this season's collection?

A: For my Fall Winter 2011 collection I drew inspiration from paintings by contemporary artist Jonathan Lasker. His artistic technique was instantly captivating; I loved his ability to use sporadic brush strokes to play with shape. I focused on his use of repetition and freehanded lines when I began to design my latest collection titled Sleep & Poetry. The name of my line is also the partial title of a Lasker book of drawings & poems and a poem by John Keats.

A: How has your heritage influenced your designs?

A: My experiences in Taiwan have certainly influenced the way I design. Taiwan is known for its street culture with influences from Hong Kong and Japan. The people there reflect a young and trendy style which is constantly evolving. After visiting Taiwan, I always come back to Canada feeling inspired. My work often mimics the fast-paced lifestyle of Taiwan; I love to play with rhythm, lines and various textures.

A: Can you talk about some of the pieces that you have used for celebrities?

A: I have been fortunate enough to dress many young confident women in the entertainment industry. I have provided my celebrity clientele with hand-knit pieces and also designs that incorporate my signature pleated draping and asymmetrical silhouettes.

A: How did your interest in knitwear develop?

A: I took an interest in knitwear because I enjoy playing with various textures. I found that hand-knitting my collection allowed me to experiment with shapes; I would alternate between thick and thin yarns to create textured silhouettes.

A: What inspired this year's color palette of greys, blacks and neutral tones?

A: My colour palette for FW2011 consists of sapphire blue, lavender, black, white and light grey. I like playing these colours against each other to create contrast within my collection. Neutral tones are timeless and I want to provide women with clothing they can wear over and over again.

A: Can you talk about your experience as National Portfolio Day Judge for Parsons in Vancouver?

A: I was extremely honoured to have been appointed this prestigious title because I would not be the designer I am today without the lessons I learned at Parsons. I saw some amazing portfolios that day; it is remarkable the amount of talent coming out of Canada. To have had the opportunity to provide input on educating the next generation of designers was an experience I will never forget.

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