Friday, March 27, 2009

LESS THAN Collection - Ohal Ando - Fall 2009 RTW

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Designer Ohal Ando has been an active participant in the fashion industry since he first created his DOPPEL GĂ„NGER label with a friend in 1997. In 2006, he created a women's clothing line, lessthan and showed it at Tokyo Collection. He moved back to Tokyo (2007) after extensive traveling and created his men's clothing line Less than Zero. He decided to establish one cohesive brand called LESSTHAN shortly after. He currently works with a variety of artists and musicians to create his pieces. For more information click here.

As a first time visitor to Tokyo, I have been impressed by the many beautifully tailored, sharply pressed business suits, crisp overcoats and polished shoes, a sea of black, white and tan. Yet, always, there is just the slightest touch of added style: a scarf, a two toned leather briefcase, a colorful silk tie, silver cell-phone trinkets... The promotional package for this show included a purple acrylic Bow Tie and that certainly hinted of new and fresh styles to come. The Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze" played by "niumun" reinforced the themes of vibrant color, creativity, energy and that extra nod to style. The special models looked very individual and natural -almost as if they were outside and going about their every day activities. Although black and white made an appearance, the black trench coat was shorter and edgier than a classic trench and suits featured lots of zippers and colors, including a red one with a long sleeved, purple T underneath. Pants tended to be narrow and fitted and were different styles and lengths. The cuffed jeans looked neat! I liked the red cargo jacket with matching red runners. The red, grey, and black plaids were also eye-catching. The sweaters came in a variety of colors, designs and necklines. It was great to see v-necks instead of the more common round necked, crew sweaters. Fedoras, leather boots, vests, Bow Ties, stripes and plaids and purples, pinks and yellows made this collection an easy transition from Fall into Spring.

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Purple purple!

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