Thursday, March 26, 2009

G.V.G.V. Collection - Designer; MUG-Fall 2009 RTW

The designer for the G.V.G.V. house, MUG, graduated from Kuwasawa Design School and launched her line in 1999. She has participated in shows such as the Designer's Invitation Project (2007) hosted by UNIQLO and the Designer's Invitation Project for UT (2008). You can visit her website here for more information!

The room was full and there were double rows of people standing behind the seats. As the lights went down, there was silence. Two screens showing bare, dark trees, shifted and moved and the show began. It was a Fall collection of faux fur vests, tall boots, leggings, caps and blacks, greys and whites with some muted blues and pinks. Skirts and dresses were short and fitted. Shoulders were big and padded, while sleeves were futuristic. Cloaks were in evidence as were pockets, belts big buttons and shiny zippers and glittering sequins. Fringes were details on tops, boots and hems. MUG is all about creating looks where masculinity and femininity exist. The masculine booties, buckles, and futuristic cuts were balanced with soft feathers and rhinestones. The mixing of textures in the collection as well as the dramatic eye make up made for an exciting show!

Photo credit for the first three images to
Luke the photographer!

A very futuristic looking jacket!

Japan Fashion Week Photos

Look at the buckled boots!

More fur here. Love the fitted top
and voluminous skirt combination!
More buckled booties.


Kate said...

The black buckled boots are nice, but that model is so thin it's unattractive. :(

Wanderlusting said...

Ditto on the buckled boots. I also like that black jacket its paired with, a little more subtle than the futuristic once before, lol.


Lexie said...

these pictures are fantastic!

holly said...

love the skirt in the 6th picture!

Sabrina said...

I was looking forward to this! Love that print in the first photo. .

Marian said...

great review honey,yummy boots. I like the structure of the pieces sweetie.
muah x

Eri said...

Hi Andrea,
Great pictures, thanks for sharing with us... Love the futurist coat , the neoprene one, pretty cool!

Connie said...

Excellent photography! The boots are cool.

Anonymous said...


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