Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top Ten Fall 2008 Must Haves

Ok so here are my top ten fall must haves. I actually found it really difficult to find images because most of the stores don't even have their fall collections up yet. This was especially problematic for finding cool winter coats. What are your top fall must haves?

1. Something Lacey
Urban Outfitters $28

Minna and Drickie Store via Etsy $65

2. A Great Winter Coat
Charlotte Ronson $475 A splurge!

Marc Jacobs

3. Plaid
Tommy Hilfiger

Purple Plaid Taffeta Dress Red Doll via Etsy $85

4. Shiny Black Leggings
Members Only $88
Not sure if I will end up buying a pair of these. An alternative to simple black tights.

5. Riding Boots
$158 via Urban Outfitters

6. Minnetonka Moccasins
$85.95 via

7. Fringed Scarves
Again, you might want to check out your local thrift store. You might be pleasantly surprise !

8. Skinny Belts
Gold Rush Belt $24
Urban Outfitters

If you have a chance, just stop by your local thrift store to buy a skinny belt. It won't take long and $2.99 is much better than $24.99 right?

9. Colored Tights
Bottega Veneta
You can buy colored tights in almost every color at H & M right now. They are only $4.90! I recently purchased a purple pair :)

Banana Republic - $14.50
A bit overpriced!

10. Something Purple
Ok I am not a big casual wear girl, but this is great for those cold days when you are going to class or just out running errands. Of course paired with a skinny belt :)

Why not try a purple purse?
Michael Kors


Anonymous said...

I want that purple purse!

Anonymous said...

I WANT THE PURPLE PLAID DRESS!!!!! soooo cute! I have recently learned a lesson from Elaine and have become a huge purple lover! Even died my hair purple! muhahaha! Love your blog Anthea! You rock my world

Anonymous said...

Members Only tights... I got mine at American Apparel for half the price! Great staple piece

Did you end up going to the Shakti fashion show?

Richel said...

I want them all.

Marian said...

the plaid dress by red doll is gorge!loving the blog

Kate said...

If you want riding boots, you can get mine from storage. Not only do they look *exactly* the same, but mine are also authentic *and* waterproof! They are a size 8.

Anonymous said...

ooh, this lace dress sparked my interest. Would you mind providing a link to the shop? And go for the shiny leggings. You will not believe it until you have your own, but they are SO versatile and fierce up everything. Yes! Def go for it, I promise you they do not disappoint. And skinny belts, ya, you cannot have enough of them.

Anonymous said...

i just recently purchased this fab blue and black plaid top with a bow tie on the front. it's soo cute i just love it. i'll be posting on it soon!! so stay tuned!!

holly said...

i picked up those purple tights too :D

a fellow value villager, yay!

Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Ronson coat is gorgeous... it's on my wish list.

kokostiletto said...

i think you hit the mark! I AM SO GLAD COLORED TIGHTS ARE STILL IN!!

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