Wednesday, August 20, 2008

High Waisted Skirts

I was asked by my friend Seema to try and find a high waisted skirt that is similar to the one Lauren Conrad is wearing in the picture below. It looks like American Apparel to me, but just in case I found a few different variations of the look. She is trying to find this skirt for Saturday so I could only look at stores that we have here in Vancouver. I tried to find skirts that wouldn't completely break the bank. She is going to wear the skirt with tights, a tank and her new patent pumps.

Seema also asked me for my take on all black looks. If you are going out black is great and will always look flattering and boost your confidence! Skinny belts are popular right now, so you could always buy a purple or blue skinny belt to spice things up. You could wear some big chunky colorful jewels as well. I found a great video put together by the who what wear daily that provides helpful tips for pulling off high waisted looks :)

Lauren Conrad

Guess $64
I am not a huge Guess fan but it's an option for her to try just in case the others don't work out.
French Connection $49
This is a cute variation of the high waisted skirt. The buttons will make the look a bit more playful.

Urban Outfitters $38
I love Urban Outfitters but I find it difficult to look for specific items because there is so much stock. If I were her I would just ask them for help finding high waisted skirts. The staff are usually quite helpful and often they might be able to find you something better!

American Apparel $35


Anonymous said...

Cuuuuute! I really want a bright red highwaisted skirt..I love the one with the buttons!

seemzy said...

Anthea Darling!!! This was such a pleasent surprise to wake up to this morning! Thank you sooo much for this post! I'm going to head downtown in a bit and going to check out all the stores you listed! I love all the skirts you listed! I think the AA ones look the most similar to Lauren's look but I'm definitely open to all as they are so pretty. I'm for sure going to keep skinny belts in mind, I think they look great! And thanks so much for posting that video I love those 7's they are soo nice! Thanks again sweetheart!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I love highwaist skirts, I don't know why everyone doesn't wear these yet! I'm currently longing for that AA one...

Anonymous said...

We don't wear them because we're not into the Steve Urkle look. ;)

Seriously, one year the waists are so low our bums show, and others we have...this...look. Can't we just have *normal* waists please!

Anonymous said...

Love the American Apparel high waisted skirt. I bought a gorgeous silk one with an industrial type zip down the back at Aritzia this spring. I practically sleep in it.

Cammila said...

I'm totally hooked on the high waists. So flattering and cute! It really is crazy though -- just think how not too long ago,that stuff looked dated. That's the beauty of fashion!

Christina said...

I want a high waisted skirt also, thanks for this post!

Christina said...

I want a high waisted skirt also, thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

i live breath for high waisted skirts! praise them high!

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