Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Designer Manuel Manujzra, Manuel Creative House: Another Talented Fashion Grad From Mexico to JCI Institute, Vancouver

It has always been fascinating to watch our Fashion Design Schools Grad Shows and attend events and show them off. Emerging Designers are our future and although he won't be at Vancouver Fashion Week, this time, we will see Manuel Manujzra in the spotlight, soon. He took time out of his extremely busy schedule for this interview. 

Q: What brought you to JCI Institute, in Vancouver?

A: Well, I wanted a short program in Fashion Design and JCI caught my eye.The help they have provided from day 1, has been truly invaluable, and I'm sincerely grateful for their exceptional guidance and support.

Q: Has Fashion always been your goal and do you have other skills and interests?

A: Fashion has been a passion of mine for a while, but my path has its twists and turns. I started out in the Film Industry in Mexico, working as an Art Director, for about a year. But then, something clicked, and I found my calling in Make-Up FX, That's what brought me to Vancouver. Then, during the pandemic, I stumbled upon ahold sewing machine, at home, grabbed a sewing book, and haven't stopped since. I've dabbled in everything from 3D Modelling to Make-Up Artistry. I'm just naturally curious and love trying new things.

Q: Describe your Brand and who wears it. Are your cultural heritage and language and inspiration for your work?

A: I run Manuel Creative House and under that umbrella, you will find Physalis for women and Lyria for jewelry. We're all about blending sustainability with luxury in a way that is truly appealing.

Physalia is launching soon. It is high end Fashion with an edgy and chic touch. We use 100% silken various forms like charmeuse and organza. We use natural pigments for dyeing and minimize water waste.

Our Physalia embodies modern luxury with a playful twist. Our customers are confident, modern women who appreciate sophistication with a bit of fun. 

And yes, my cultural heritage definitely shines through my designs. It is my way of sharing myself with the world.

Q: Have your shown your Designs here or at fashion weeks elsewhere in the world?

A. You know, I haven't had the opportunity to do any fashion shows yet. But I.m really excited about the idea of organizing non-profit trunk shows. It's about giving back to the community and supporting young people dealing with issues such as homelessness. We want to make our Brand visually captivating while doing something good for everyone.

Q: What is your future and will you be at @vancouverfashionweek? 

A: I would love to be there, in the future, sharing my work for the world to see. As for the future of Manuel Creative House, it involves sticking to the 2024/2025 plan. That means finding buyers for Physalia and developing our other two brands, one focusing on gender-neutrals and another that is dedicated to supporting Indigenous Artisans in Mexico.

My next big step is finding a partner who can handle the business side of things, allowing me to fully immerse myself in my creative endeavours.

Thanks to you and your readers for interviewing me.

Thank you Manuel Manujzra and we wish you great success, now and in the future.

Thanks to Melanie Mcintosh for connecting me with the wonderful JCI institute and new Designers. These fantastic photos are by Matthew Burditt, Photographer: https://www.matthewburditt.org

Designer Manuel Manujzra @manujzrs

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