Saturday, April 17, 2021

VCAD (Visual College of Art and Design) Grad Portfolio Show April 2021

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas

Thanks to Vishal Prasad and Sarah Bailey, Career Services Advisors at VCAD, I was invited to watch the 2021 Grad Portfolios. Since they shared the names and video links, you can watch them, too. VCAD offers such an array of career training possibilities: Game Design, Graphic Arts, Visual Effects. 3D Modeler, Interior Design, Fashion Design and more. I have attended the Porfolio shows before, at the downtown campus and have been fortunate to meet Fashion Illustrators/Designers who have demonstrated their talents at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2019 and International Fashion Festival (see 2019 shows here and here). This is the first virtual show and I am so impressed with the students' enthusiasm and multiple talents. Here are some of the best fashion presentations ever! 

Image via VCAD 

Fashion Design and Marketing & Marketing Portfolio Presentations

Fashion Design - Vancouver

Marketing & Merchandising for Fashion - Calgary

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