Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Vancouver Fashion Week SS21 October 25, 2020 Day 2 The Internationals

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas

Photos by George Pimentel

From 3:30 - 5:30 October 25th, 9 Designers' Collections were shown via individual videos. Once was not enough to absorb the clothing, the background, the music, the story, and so each was repeated at least 3 times to get the complete picture. Even then, we wanted more. 

You can also watch the shows here!

Star attractions included: Carleton Jones (USA), Dnezil Mapfumo (UK), Diana Rikasari (Indonesia),  Feelomena (Italy), Glaze Kohl (Japan), Hamon (Jaan), Lola Faturotiloves (USA), Ozlana (Australia_ and Rebeca Rebeca (Norway).

It is really worthwhile to look everyone up and see the array of talent and accomplishment on the International scene. You can also connect up to follow and/or to purchase what you might not find in local stores. I have chosen to highlight the 3 videos/collections that are my favourites. As you do your own research of the 9, make your choices and shout them out on social media and on their sites. Everyone deserves to be in the spotlight! More at: Vanfashionweek.com and Vanfashionweek Instagram  and Van Fashion Week Facebook.

Diana Rikasari, from Indonesia put together 13 looks, so colourful, so visual, so streetwear and so unique! During COVID 19, she was at home and recycled everything there to make her designs. She is a Writer, Blogger, Public Speaker, Designer and a top Fashion Influencer. She wants you to look beneath perceptions. For example, maybe the number 13 is bad luck, but she made 13 beautiful pieces, so finds the good in as much as she can and encourages everyone to do the same. Loved the green coat with pink collar and lapels, in fact I am a fan of her shorts, jackets, coats and dress/coat combinations. Marilyn R.Wilson has an extensive write up and interview with Diana here and you can find Diana on Instagram here.

Glaze Kohl by Designer, Michiko Ueda from Japan, is a beautifully detailed, vintage to modern collection. Stripes, silky fabrics, layers, complexity of design, SUGOI! Elegant fit, perfect accessories: seamed stockings, subtle but sparkling earrings, bracelets, belts, and yes, vintage shoes! There was black and white, deep blue, pops of yellow, but the whole presentation was a statement of the best of the past brought to now. I loved the delicate blouses, each with different sleeves....striped shorts were flattering, as was every other outfit. Fabrics are made in Japan and Michiko has many years as a Buyer and Vintage Store Owner, both of which are reflected here. Glaze Kohl was launched in 2018 but it is that Classic that you have seen over many years. WOW. Once again, please read Marilyn's interview at here Find Glaze Kohl on Instagram here.

Lola Faturoti of Lola Faturotiloves came to the USA via Nigeria, and London and finally landed in NYC. She left home early to follow her dreams and to be free and is now teaching other women to do the same through her Lola Love Cargo Brand. Of African heritage, she designed a dress to celebrate Obama's election. The design was based on Kente Cloth Designs from the Ashante Tribe in Ghana. Her collection is so full of vibrant colours. As she says, "Colour is how the soul knows it's in the presence of beauty." Her video featured outfits in a series of 3, each shot, and all against a fabulous mural. Dare to be different; dare to be bold. See it all on her website here and instagram here.

I missed my camera and being near the runway watching and sharing reactions to the collections. These videos, though, are so professional and most get you dancing! Technology, GRR but GREAT!

Thanks again to Kate Mullen, Public Relations and Media Manager vanfashionweek.com.

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