Monday, April 14, 2014

The Corsage Project - The Boutique Ball - 2014

On April 6, 2014, over 200 volunteers gathered for The Corsage Project's 14th annual Boutique Ball, to create a special prom experience for girls graduating from high school in Toronto. This was my third year participating in The Boutique Ball and I had the opportunity to meet some very amazing young women! This year, was I got to work with lovely Keyanna, and we put together a smashing look for her for her prom bash in June 2014.

Keyana was thrilled with the experience and left with her expectations met. She wanted something long, bright and sparkly and came ready to tackle the racks to find the perfect outfit. She was eager to try things she hadn't thought of and happily took everyone's advice as we moved from dress, to clutch, to jewelry and more. To ensure her look was perfect, Keyanna stayed in her dress while picking accessories and having her make up done. Everyone was complimenting her on how amazing she looked. She was truly the belle of the ball and it was great to see her transform and her confidence soar. Keyanna works a part-time job in addition to her high school studies and is preparing for college in the fall of 2014. She is a bright light, and we can't wait to see where she goes next! Thank you for giving me this wonderful experience Keyanna, and have a fantastic prom!

About the Corsage Project
The Corsage Project is a program of the Children's Aid Foundation that provides free prom wear for deserving girls who are referred to by the Foundation. Volunteers work to help organize donated dresses, jewelry, shoes and accessories and also to create a "personal shopping" experience for participants. Each girl is escorted by her own volunteer personal shopper through racks of dresses, shoes, jewelry, bags, scarves, purses and more. The entire prom look is available here! It is a memorable and exciting experience for me every year, and I am always amazed at the smart, motivated and enthusiastic young women I get to work with. This year, the Corsage Project outfitted 300 young women with complete prom looks!

Read about my first and second years participating in the Corsage Project's Boutique Ball!

Let's go!

Volunteers ready to go bright and early!

So many options!

This year they had over 700 pairs of shoes!

Don't forget the accessories!

Great decorations this year!

I always ensure we run to the Swarovski table - they have the best jewelry!

The Boutique Ball wouldn't happen without the volunteers!

Our first few dress selections - Keyanna wanted 
something long, sparkly and bright!

The volunteers that helped with Keyanna's clutch!

and jewelry!

How fabulous is she?!

The girls also have a make up consultation!

So great to work with you Keyanna!
The final look - AMAZING!!!

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