Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Dress and Co. by Hideaki Sakaguchi: Luna De Margarita Fall 2009 RTW

Yesterday we went to The Dress and Co Fashion Show. It was held at the Laforet Museum in Harajuku. While we were waiting in line I had my photo taken by a photographer from (a Japanese Street Photography site) and the photos should be up in the next month or so. Will keep you posted! The setting of the show was very moody and when we arrived it was very dark and there were dimly lit lamps lighting the room. When the show began the lights came on and the steam machines started as the models came out onto the runway. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat and actually got some great pictures! The first few are the ones I took and you can see the Japan Fashion Week runway photos below them.

Hideaka Sakaguchi graduated with a degree in interior design from Hosei University. He worked at Designers' Maison and then created his own company, Jelly Garcia in 2002. In 2008 his collection was shown at RENDEZ-VOUS Paris and he has continually been gaining orders from around the world. The label was renamed The Dress and Co. for this year's collection. You can visit his website here.

The collection was quite different than anything I have seen lately. The models had extremely teased hair with a single braid in the back and bright red lips. Many of them wore converse sneakers embellished with beautiful flowers. I wasn't too keen on the sneakers but the whole theme seemed to work well. Knee length suede boots were prominent too. The collection was all about layers and varying dress lengths. There were some beautiful dresses that we saw both dressed up and dressed down. Some great baggy and casual winter coats with fur embellishments went down the runway as well. Many of the dresses were made of soft light cremes and whites and featured delicate floral patterns. The models seemed to float down the runway as if they were on a foggy lake surface. It was magical!

A very stylish looking gentleman waiting
for the show to begin!

The scene when we arrived.

The setting of the show.

And it begins..

This final dress was quite stunning!

The finale.

Two lovely models after the show!

Japan Fashion Week Organization Photos

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