Sunday, October 30, 2022


Dianna D. has been a frequent guest writer, here, and has a keen eye for runway shows. Kjaer, very kindly added Dianna to her guest list as we both know KOME, well and wanted to be there for her first fabulous show Van Fashion Week #vfwss23. 

Dianna's Perspective

Kome Clothing paraded three fashion themes down the runway: embellished / upcycled denim clothing and boots, ethnic inspired outfits for men as well as women, and flowing transparent robes, all topped by jaunty hats. Strong exciting colours like deep sea green, rich sunflower yellow and bright sky blue made for a very pleasing display. One can hardly wait for next spring to show them off as Randy did as she wore a Kome robe to this first night of Van Fashion Week for Spring 2023. This was Kjaer Pedersen's first Van Fashion Week show and we sincerely hope to see more of her work at future fashion events.

Colleen's Perspective

What I love about KOME is that everyone can wear it and that is looks beautiful from the back as well as at the front. Kjaer designs clothes with panache and detail. Each piece is unique and is embellished with color, ties, and a variety of pattern and cut combinations. I think the free spirit feeling her work inspires her models as well as her many customers. KOME offers a wide range of informal and formal wear and many accessories. Congratulations on your first show Van Fashion Week, Kjaer! No doubt more of us will be wearing this gorgeous line, next season.


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