Wednesday, August 14, 2019

IRIS APFEL - Accidental Icon 2018 New Book, New Musings

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Written by Colleen Tsoukalas

I reviewed the first book about Iris and reading about her made us design an adventure around seeing the movie, IRIS. Naturally, we had to dress up and get the community involved. You can read more about Iris here and here.

Iris Apfel continues her lengthy career today. As she says, "I never expected people to know my name or recognize my face." "I never expected to be called a fashion icon." The first few pages are all the surprises that came with her new adventures as "a geriatric starlet". I never think of her in terms of age because she seems young, full of energy and having the time of her life. Love how she dedicates the book to her husband, Carl, and to her parents, very important people in the shaping of her career as a textiles designer, decorator and trend setter. Love, too, how she acknowledges and thanks the teams of people it takes to support her vision. Her book is 175 pages of beautiful photos, illustrations and concise fashion analysis and stories about her life. Wonderful to see photographers and illustrators listed, for further research. Who illustrated this? Now I know and can read more.

I believe that emerging designers, especially, will be inspired by IRIS APFEL, because she does answer the question: How did she get there? One of the many important pieces of advice she has is to travel. "Everyone should go to Paris." But her travels were and are world wide. And, she worked and continues to work wherever she goes. I never expected to see so clearly and colourfully how work and life can fit so seamlessly together. So crucial to find ways to follow your passion and to enjoy it every day. Looking good and feeling good top her list, for sure. A few of my favourite photos:

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