Saturday, June 9, 2018

New Moon: Creating Space for New Work and Fostering Emerging Artists: IFWTO 2018

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Indigenous Fashion Week organized four fashion shows, which were named after the four traditional phases of the moon: New Moon, Berry Moon, Harvest Moon, and Frost Moon. New Moon is the first of the two runway shows that I attended. Fore more information, visit the Indigenous Fashion Week website.

The runway was back lit by an enormous, bright new moon. The music that introduced the first runway show of the week, was by Cris Derksen, an award winning, classically trained Cellist and Composer. Animated and engaging her audience, she brings her heritage, Northern Cree and Mennonite,  into her performance and achievement on the world stage.  The music spoke to a packed crowd, and had them swaying as they watched the outstanding models striding purposefully towards the cameras, proudly sharing Lesley Hampton's message: "We are in control" and the Metis history and both muted and brilliant colours and perfect fit, (think red) by Evan Ducharme, and the Coast Salish designed jewellery standout accessories to Warren Steven Scott's collection based on photographs taken on the reservations 1950-1980. The turquoises and yellows, oh my. Wearing her collection, "We are still here", Janelle Wawia's models were strong, real women, in a variety of looks, including a two piece, with shorts, lots of black shimmer and a gorgeous line of fur vests, purses, and hats. Suglit Lukxs Designs by Yolonda (Loni) Skelton showed a fantastic collection, which included capes, a fitted jackets, scarves, accessories and more. The throat singing that accompanied the models, emphasized the key connection to the land. The highlight of Meghann O'Brien's collection, was her beautiful black and white woven capes. Wow! 

A stunning introduction to the rest of the week! I will be featuring the Harvest Moon show in the coming days. 

Cellist Cris Derksen

 Meghann O'Brien

Sugiit Lukxs Designs - Yolonda (Loni) Skelton

Janelle Wawia

Warren Steven Scott

Evan Ducharme

Lesley Hampton

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