Saturday, August 12, 2017

Powell Street Festival, August 5/6 2017

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Is it the smoky bbq, the food booths, the Kimono and handmade clothing and crafts, the Taiko, the procession, the bonsai and Ikebana, the transformation of a city park and the streets around it? It is all of this, truly a celebration of Japanese Art and Culture. This is the 41st Annual Powell Street Festival and the theme, this year is: Re:Generation; Seeds of the Past, Leaves of the Future.  I am always drawn to this festival because historic Japan is there, as well as new interpretations, extensions, collaborations and creations: families, generations celebrating together. Such friendship and welcome to all, here.

Highlights for me, on the Saturday, were George and Noriko, A Japanese blues cowboy and Tsugaru Shamisen player from Melbourne, Australia. Far from home, rocking the audience with the international language of music, compelling us to sing the chorus and dance along, George and Noriko bring an entirely new dimension to traditional Rock N Roll.

Sansho Daiko presented Taiko, Spoken Word and Story. The Masks and dance into the audience, delighted everyone.

The Omikoshi by Vancouvr Rakuichi, is the presentation of the portable shrine, which can be found in festivals throughout Japan. The shaking of the shrine showers attendees with good luck.

Congratulations and arigatou gozaimasu! Thank you!

Photos by Luke the Photographer

Thanks to Luke Tsoukalas for the fabulous photos.

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