Monday, March 13, 2017

Toronto Women's Fashion Week Hosts Upcycled High Fashion Value Village Collection Designed by Evan Biddell

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Toronto's first Toronto Women's Fashion Week event featured an upcycled high fashion collection designed by Evan Biddell and made entirely of 81 pounds of materials found at Value Village. The challenge, presented by Value Village and brought as part of Myriam Laroche's Eco Fashion Week, was titled "VV by EB" and featured fully transformed pieces, lightly altered clothes and found treasures.

The show opened with a video and some important statistics on clothing waste: "Annually, 26 billion pounds of textiles are discarded by North Americans, meaning an average of 81 pounds per person. I can't believe we all throw that much away. There really isn't a reason to buy new, there's so much here already," says Biddell.

VV by EB will also be presented in Vancouver, BC at the upcoming Eco Fashion Week closing night and will be exhibited at the Museum of Vancouver for two weeks onwards. Wonderful to see Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver!

Stay tuned for Colleen's post on Vancouver Eco Fashion Week March 31 to April 2nd!

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