Wednesday, September 9, 2015

HANANINGEN FLOWER SHOW FROM JAPAN - September 7, 2015 Visual Space Gallery, Vancouver

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This art form, very popular in Japan, is a celebration of flowers and their transformational powers for all people.  Elaborate creations were woven into headpieces of glorious color and scent, filling the white gallery with all of the seasons and indoor gardens big and small.  This unique and spectacular show was organized by Keiko Boxall, who also trains models to be the best I've ever seen.  They walk purposefully and powerfully on the runway, yet look just as fabulous under the trees on the urban sidewalk, too.  Graceful wherever they walk, they certainly captivated their amazed audience and made us really see the endless possibilities of flower designs by Hikaro Seino and Yusuke Yanase and their team.

The show was opened by Ralph Escamillan, a Vancouver dancer, who specializes in many kinds of dance: ballet, contemporary, modern, waacking, popping and much more.  I say 'specializes' because all of his work is special.  He teaches at Harbor Dance Centre and I have seen him dance in galleries and on the street, and he shines at whatever he does.  He's magic and always gets things off to a brilliant start.

The HANANINGEN FLOWER SHOW was packed and over much too soon!  After a brief introduction, we were treated to Ralph's dance right down the runway and back, a demonstration of building the flower headpiece creations by Hikaro Seino of GANON FLORIST, ( and Yusuke Yanase, on two models, the whole flower show and then a meet and greet, plus wonderful refreshments. 

Thank you, Keiko, for sharing HANANINGEN FLOWER SHOW with us.  I hope the photos by Dianna Drahanchuk and me, convey our delight with every aspect of the day!

Keiko and the flowers

The line!

Fumie von Dehn 
Designer and collector of antique
Kimono (she made her outfit)

Keiko Boxall and Yukiko Onley

The flower show begins

Sunshine yellow

More sunshine

The whole garden and their creator

Garden meets garden

Keiko and designers from Japan

Keiko - high 5 for a fantastic show!

Thanks to Yukiko Onley, Artist, Photographer, and Noriko Tidball,
Visual Space Gallery

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