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From The Silk Road: Asia in Fashion, Fashion in Asia - Ivan Sayers' Historical Fashion Show

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Recently, at the Richmond Cultural Centre, Ivan Sayers opened the Richmond Museum's Exhibit: Interwoven World: Identity and Fashion. Bringing dresses and accessories from one of the largest private collections in Canada, Ivan showed many cross-cultural influences, both past and present, on the Canadian Fashion scene. Of the fifteen or more outfits and numerous combinations, (in only 40 minutes) I chose nine of my favorites. After the fabulous fashion show, we were introduced to the extensive museum exhibit of clothing, furniture, equipment and yes, its many cross-cultural origins. Impressive setting and a great welcome and introduction to and by Richmond Cultural Centre. As always, an informative and delightful presentation by Ivan and his models. Audience dressed up too, including Kwantlen Fashion students. So much to see and so many worlds in every creation.

Image via Richmond Museum

1890 dressing gown with big shoulders and 
puffy sleeves. Eastern and Western influences, 
with a French panel down the back.

Cape with frogged closing.  European and Asian 
influences.  Pink fabric made in Europe but embroidered 
in Japan. High waist, Art Nouveau, long legged look, 
bustle pad, feather fan.

Dress - 1923/24 heavy glass beading, red and gold, 
Shanghai, head dress and wig supposed to look like 
ancient Egypt. (Note that turbans and head dresses 
were recently spotted at Vancouver Fashion Week)

Imperial yellow shawl, Chinese manufactured 
but sewn in the Philippines, carved ivory jewelry. 
Underneath the shawl, she is wearing a Chamsong 
(much like the male Scholar's gown). 1930's, subtle curve 
for waist, hand embroidered for export, Manchurian 
shoes (Horseshoe shape)

Huge shoulders on this fur coat from Shanghai, 
blond fox fur coat-exotic and symbolizing wealth

'Folk Dress' Hungarian - attention to authentic, 
ethnic dress. Raw silk jacket made in Egypt, 
International Marketplace. Rajistani embroidery, 
lots of little mirrors.

Green, worn in Kuala Lampur, glamor for 
a warm night, post war l940-50, super feminine, 
bit skirt, small waist, possibilities for peace time society

Photo 8 - Late 50's coat of yellow silk 
(even though it looks white) Chinese from 
Hong Kong,  beaded hand sewn dress from 
East Germany

Japanese designer Issey Miyake, green 
and complex mix of layers and folds.

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