Monday, December 8, 2014

Blanche Macdonald Grad Show, Nov. 2014: Wandering Stars

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Inside of  St. Andrew's Wesley Church, the stained glass and candle light provided a dramatic setting for "Wandering Stars", yet another superb display of fashion and design talent from this year's Grad Class.  The entire event, from start to finish, is always a wonderful welcome for guests, and a terrific opportunity to see the very latest in style possibilities.  The wandering designers have come from many places including, Tibet, Taiwan, Kentucky, Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, and, of course, Canada.  This collection had a 'space age' futuristic feel to it - Earth plus other worlds, far beyond the 'every day' street or store window scene.  The stars will go far in their careers, in their work places and in their businesses.  To wear the stand out whites and blacks, the intricate cut outs, the Kimonos, the capes, the colors, all of it - is to be transported.

While more than 35 designers presented, Dasha Volkhava, Jessica Lee, Joanna Pang, Liis Sober, Shin Yi Chi and Tiya are highlighted, here, courtesy of Ron Sombilon Photography.

I was impressed by the students' portfolios, with each one having a unique cover and layout.  Presentation, presentation, presentation.  Illustrations, fabrics, themes, intended wearer, resumes, business cards, all perfect for a fashion library - I want them all.

An array of treats and refreshments graced the white tablecloths.  We were well taken care of by Chewy Junior and French Made Baking.  UVA made colorful, refreshing and herb sprigged, non-alcoholic beverages - perfect!  Goody bags, courtesy of CurliQue Beauty Boutique, located right at the downtown Blanche Macdonald Campus.  (Star of the street, right across from the main library on Robson and Homer)

Kudos all on a rainy, dark evening, brightened immensely by all of these stars.  Shine on!

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