Monday, September 16, 2013

Start Fall with Sunnies from SmartBuy Glasses!

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Yes, you will still need your sunnies for a while yet! I wear mine year round, unless it's raining, and you should too. One of the things I love about Toronto is that it always seems to be bright, even in the winter :) That being said, it's really important to invest in a pair of quality sunglasses as sun exposure can cause long term eye damage. So spend wisely and choose a pair that are stylish, affordable and that will protect your eyes for years!

I've written about SmartBuy Glasses before (see post here) and am writing about them again as a reminder that stylish eyewear can be affordable! See some of my favorite styles below. I'm all about tortoise and colorful frames right now. For some reason, I feel more inclined to wear bright colors in the winter to keep things bright and fun and to remind us that spring and summer do eventually come. What do you think of the Coach styles I selected?

Why you should protect your eyes year round and what to buy (provided by Health Canada):
  • I definitely don't want to scare you, but simply remind you that it's important to protect your eyes as much as possible. Our eyes need to last a lifetime so we have to look after them just as much as we look after our skin! Plus, it's an easy way to complete your look ;)
  • There are three types of light that can potentially damage your eyes - UVA, UVB and Blue light. UV rays carry more energy than visible light rays and so are more harmful than other kinds of light. Blue rays are often reflected off of snow or water and can cause retina damage over time.
  • For those of you who spend time at the cottage, you should buy medium to dark lenses with a grey, brown-green tint to filter out the blue light.
  • Regular lenses reduce the brightness of everything
  • Polarizing lenses cut glare caused by reflection (good for snow/water)
  • Photochromic lenses adjust to the intensity of UV light (inside or outside)
  • Flash/Mirror lenses reflect all or part of the light instead of absorbing it. These tend to scratch easily, so choose a pair with scratch resistant coating.
  • Cosmetic sunglasses - lightly tinted lenses and block from 0 - 60 percent of visible light and 87.5 - 95 percent of UVB rays. These are generally for sun that isn't very harsh - e.g. for driving
  • General purpose sunglasses - block from 60 - 92 percent of visible light and UVA rays and between 95 - 99 percent of UVB rays. These are good for driving and when sunlight is strong enough to make you squint.
  • Special purpose sunglasses - block up to 97 percent of visible light and up to 98.5 percent of UVA rays. They also block up to 99 percent of UVB rays. Best for prolonged sun exposure.
So get out and enjoy wherever you are in style! Happy Monday to you all :)

Coach Casey HC8047F 

Coach Cortney HC8035Q 505213

Sunglasses, Coach
Coach Casey HC8047F


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