Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adventures in Vancouver - Whistler, Squamish, Jericho, Spanish Banks and Yaletown

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are a few shots from my whirlwind trip to Vancouver. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the summer... emphasis on summer! It was great spending time with family and being out in the sun and up in the mountains away from all the city noise.

Friday, Treasure Seeker Colleen and I hit the fabulous Absolute Spa in the Century Plaza hotel. You can see a picture of us living it up on my Instagram here. Hands down it was one of the most spectacular spas I have visited and to let you in on a little secret... a meal is included in your visit! We enjoyed a patio lunch downtown shortly after and I tried out the Homer Street Cafe for the first time for dinner with my lovely friend Yana whose wedding I attended in Italy (see post here). You can see Instagrams from our delightful dinner here. It's really worth a visit!

Saturday my Dad took me on a jeeping adventure up to Whistler and the beautiful Lake Callaghan. You can read up on the area here. I have never off roaded in a jeep convertible and it was quite the experience. Really nice to get away from the busy city, spend time with family and see something beautiful and humbling.

Sunday we rented a Laser 2 sailing dinghy from the Jericho Sailing Centre for the afternoon. We sailed keel boats when I was growing up, but I haven't sailed properly in ages and haven't had a lot of experience with small dinghies. Nevertheless, we had perfect weather and the most spectacular views, when I wasn't anxiously waiting for the boom to fly over my head! I'm planning on taking lessons next summer to get a bit more experience.

Monday we had a beach barbecue on the beautiful shores of Spanish Banks. Barbecued chicken and  vegies, Bocce, beach walks and more great time spent with family. I am so lucky to have such a great family around me and to have the option of jumping on a plane and being in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada... in the summer! (It rains most of the other months - I kid you not!)

 C'est Moi

View from Yaletown where I get to stay :D

Beautiful Lions Gate Bridge - Vancouver to West Vancouver

What is offroading without a little Zeppelin? or a LOT of Zeppelin? :D

Going across the Lions Gate Bridge

Railroad tracks - Would have been great for an impromptu photo shoot!

In front of the Tantalus Mountain Range
I'll have to do a post on easy and fashionable outdoor wear :)
Keep it simple - Zara tank, Anthropologie Chambray shirt, Express shorts,
Toms, Forever 21 clutch, Club Monaco bracelet, no idea where the sunnies came from!

Brandwine Waterfall

Daisy Lake Reservoir - Whistler/Garibaldi Area

Alexander Waterfall

Why shoot everything exactly as it looks?


Can you spy the bird in the picture? 

 Worth the wait and back roading - Beautiful Lake Callaghan at 4,000 feet!

Interesting tree near Lake Callaghan

No roof! Amazing how much more you can see!

Practising moving shots

Jeeping - I don't look back much, but this is a pretty cool shot! ;)

Whistler Time!

At beautiful Lake Callaghan

Going across the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge

Lazer 2 Sailing Dinghy

Looking calm, but cautious of the wind and the boom that might fly over my head at any second!

English Bay

Jericho Sailing

Last day of summer for the lifeguards 

Spanish Banks

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