Monday, July 8, 2013

Nicole Bridger, Vancouver Designer Presents at The Roundhouse, Vancouver

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Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

The Community arts Council of Vancouver invited us to join Nicole Bridger for a presentation about her very successful design business and her passion for sustainability through conscientious sourcing and production. A native of Vancouver, Nicole graduated from Toronto's Ryerson University, went to London, England to intern with Vivienne Westwood and came back home, luckily for us.

Sewing since grade 7, she has always wanted to be a clothing designer and to have her own business.  From Vivienne's "You can be whoever you are", Nicole has confidently pursued her own style and goals.  Her strong connection with nature is reflected in the natural, graceful draping and subtle colors of her clothing.  Love the titles of her collections, "I am Love" and "Safe to Love", and her latest, "Ready to Love", all lines of soft inviting materials that embrace and flatter the wearer. Her message is to love yourself and feel beautiful and really enjoy well made outfits that will last and will always look contemporary.  You don't need to overbuy or constantly shop, just enjoy being comfortable and stunning with natural, quality locally made clothing.

To succeed, Nicole has set clear, achievable goals.  She has had to be good at delegating (balancing, creating, running a business and being a mentor and mother)  She plans and uses her time wisely, so she can be at her best, always "Creating a story worth advertising" as she learned from Chip at LuluLemon.  She constantly credits others for their role in shaping hers and her skill at building community is evident in her presentations, her designs and her fashion shows.  I first saw her at ECO Fashion week last season (click here for post) and look forward to seeing her again, soon.

Thanks for a lovely evening, Nicole.

Nicole and Colleen
Photo by Lynn

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Sara said...

Such a great post! you both look amazing!

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