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The Exhibit, The Event, The Show: The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

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Colleen and I have been busy busy, attending events in Vancouver and Toronto!  Read her review of Kwantlen's Design School Show!  You can read more of Colleen's Vancouver and Toronto posts by clicking here

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen) 

The President, Dr. Alan Davis, sported a brilliant blue bow tie and made a grand entrance down the runway, to cheers and applause!  He talked about "amazing achievement" and wished 'the very best' the "very best"! Even before we saw the show, the stage was set!  Students' portfolios, including individual photo, design statement, sketches and collections, resume and much more, further exemplified the best.  Students were there to shake hands, welcome visitors (and future clients) and set the tone for the most wonderful fashion show, ever.  No wardrobe malfunctions here.  Fits were just exquisite, choreography and presentation fabulous- the whole show represented energy, love of chosen profession and commitment to making everyone look great. 

Shavilya Mahadoo

The President

The show, with its lively music and videos for each collection, was dynamic and fast paced.  Motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, race cars - the reds, the blues and the best looking riding clothes, ever!  Fancy and practical, wearable outfits for kids - all kids would be excited about these.  Travel lines, workout wear, swim wear (divine) clothes for work, clothes for after work, clothes for all ages and shapes but all made to work and to work well.

I had been interviewed last Fall, by Stefania Bussey, about my ideas for fashion - more petites, please.  I was impressed that Kwantlen students were engaged in research: what do women really want to see new designers concentrate on and what is there for various age groups and non standard sizes?  I knew that this show would reflect thoughtful, realistic and stylish creations, not for magazine models but perhaps for some of the local Vancouverites she interviewed.

After reading about Erin Polowy's interview, (The Province) I wanted to find out more about her Eco friendly, organic materials and 'natural' designs.  I found her to be, of course, one of the delightful best, so committed to her vision and designing the hand painted and comfortable clothes I'd love to wear.  Most of her pieces have 'tricks' - that is, they detach and belt up, gather or 'adjust'.  Her idea is that she can design for you and then refashion, redye or 'redo' so that pieces last forever and can be traded or passed on.  She is a teacher, continually part of the design process.  Her advice to undergrads: "Stay true to who you are", and "Your work is about your values."

Loved this show and wish all grads the very best!  Look forward to finding your designs in local stores!  Kudos students, and teachers!  Kwantlen - the best of the best!

Beautiful vases of flowers

Melody Mishi

Lucia Alonso

Jina Seo 

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