Monday, March 18, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Week - Shows to Watch

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Here are a few shows we are looking forward to at World MasterCard Fashion Week this season!  Click here to see some of our coverage from previous seasons.  Happy Monday and fashioning everyone!

Sunny Fong is back with a hunting gear inspired collection and Scandinavian interior design.
Love his collections for women everywhere - simply elegant!

Lucian Matis
Lucian Matis presents "Monochromatic Fantasy" - partnering with Bailey's Irish Cream
to celebrate the unveiling of their stylish new bottle.  Consists of ivory, black and grey
pieces created using fur, felts, wool and silk. Not to be missed!

Korhani Home
Always a fan of Korhani Home - No need to say anymore!

David Dixon
David Dixon - Image via
Always glamorous - David Dixon is a crowd pleasure and show stopper! 

Pink Tartan
Kim's collections are always stunning and sophisticated.  Check out this video from one of her recent photo shoots.  Can't wait!

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