Monday, March 25, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Week - VAWK - BY SUNNY FONG - Fall 2013

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Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

Nordic Fauna was the title of the wintery video by Chris Vassalos that provided an in-depth look about the beauty and power of nature and the struggle to survive in its icy embrace.  The Snowy Owl, riveting with its sharp claws and glowing yellow eyes was one of the first to appear.  Deer, delicate, contrasted with hunter wolves, eyes glittering and thick fur protecting them from the cold.  And what protects us from the storms and yet provides bright plumage, feathers, skins, and coverings that attract?  This collection, full of energy, movement and stunning visuals, will take us through to another Spring.  Cape topped jackets and coat dresses were wings and rows of brass buttons were the yellow eyes commanding us to watch.  Subtle pleating on the hems of wide pants and on the side of a gorgeous long coat were like rows and layers of feathers, and the wonderful cutouts in tops and dresses, once again kept our attention focused on the next layer, the depth within.  The little black cocktail dress, the classic Audrey, with puffs of faux fur on its skirt, took us out of the forest and the snow and into the blazing fires and bright lights of party time.  Styling by Tricia Hall really enhanced the theme of the video and the collection.  Sunny Fong's energetic and friendly hello at the end of the show, further supported the concepts of a thriving, continuing presence.  Outstanding!

Images via Keith Beatty - Toronto Star

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