Monday, February 4, 2013

Hard Candy Event in Toronto!

Last Wednesday I was invited to the launch of Hard Candy's new apparel line.  I knew it would be a fun, well organized event as it was hosed by EGPR, but it was even more than I expected!  Not only was there fun clothing on display and a fun sequined top for each of us, there was an entire make-up counter stocked with products for the taking!  We had a blast looking at all of the fun items which ranged from hair spray to glittery nail polish.  There were also make-up artists and photographers on hand to document the new Hard Candy looks.

I had never heard of Hard Candy before this event and to be honest, was skeptical about the make-up.  I'm starting to learn though, that just because the product isn't outrageously priced, doesn't mean it isn't quality!  The line was created to offer Walmart consumers high quality, affordable make-up and ranges from $5 to $10.  I've tried the eye shadows and lip gloss thus far and am very impressed. The colors are bold, long lasting and look great too. Love 'em!

I am not typically a fan of sweat wear, but the new Hard Candy apparel line is fun, flirty and perfect for lounging and weekends.  I was determined to make my sequined blue top work for the office and I did!  I wore it with black blazer and skinnies, and received many a compliment!  The make-up and apparel are available exclusively at Walmart and you can visit the Hard Candy website here.  Thanks all for a truly wonderful event!

Tops an affordable $16

Lip Def $5.98
All Lid Up $5.98
Poppin' Pigments $5.98
Shadowholic $4.98
Nail Lacquer $3.98
Eye Shadow Collection $5.98
Mechanical Eyeliner and Smudger $4.98

Hard Candy Top!


Petite Adventures said...

Great photos. Looks like such a fun event!

Kate xo

Steph Lau said...

looks like an amazing event! the new line looks great :)

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