Monday, January 28, 2013

Diana Vreeland Doc- "The Eye Has to Travel"- Opening Night at Van City Theater

Written by Colleen Tsoukalas (Treasure Seeker Colleen)

It is so true that "the eye has to travel" and there was lots to see at Vancity Theatre, Friday, January 25th!  The place is a brightly lit, busy venue with movie posters, a refreshment bar, a 'fireplace', lots of meet and greet seats (as well as comfy red plush inside) loft ceilings, a balcony and the best films in town.  There was a line up of those with a passion for fashion, followers of Vancouver Fashion Historian, Ivan Sayers and all of us who love films of all kinds and especially Diana Vreeland.  A big thanks to Laine Slater and Melanie and all Van city staff who gave that little bit  extra to invite Ivan, to widely publicize the event and to get us in early to take photos and meet the crowd.  Films are greatly enhanced by Vancity's guest speakers, director chats and salons as well as a host of other creative endeavors that bring the neighborhood and the community at large not only to see movies but also to be part of something social.

Colleen and Dianna Drahanchuk - Volunteer

According to Diana Vreeland, "Balenciaga did the most delicious clothes.  In Balenciaga you were the only woman in the room - no other woman existed."  Ivan Sayers brought two Balenciaga designs and pointed out the fabulous features of both.  A 50's coat was pure sculpture, chic, complex and exquisitely styled and finished.  The polka dot evening dress was as beautiful from the back as it was from the front.  Showing off a small waist and lots of skin, it was one of a kind and flattering - a true fashion statement!  It would take an expert collector like Ivan, however, to locate treasures like these.  His classes at SFU Harbor Centre, feature clothing from the 18-20th centuries, their history and how what we see today, looks back and ahead.  Fashion = action and reaction. 

The Vreeland Documentary is well worth seeing and continues at Vancity at least for the rest of this week.  Editor of Harpers Bazaar, and Vogue (before Anna Wintour) and also a major player at the Met Costume Institute, she said, "You can see and feel everything in clothes."  She brought the magazines and the Met to life and, it seems, that her life was very much like what was in them.  She was excited and exciting and her legacy continues.  What a delightful way to get out of the dreary rain and into the bright lights!  The "Empress of Fashion" posed this question: " Is there anything beyond fashion?" I'd answer it by saying, "Yes, there are all of the people who love it, wear it, design it, spread the word about events and, of course, make things happen.  So for Friday evening, I say a big thanks to those who wore red for Diana, wore vintage for Ivan Sayers, fashion students: Vancouver Community College, The Art Institute, Blanche Macdonald, Emily Carr, (and others), and to those who tweeted and invited others: Felix Tavira@YukiAndBee, Brenda Wong (Fashion Marketing & Design - The Art Institute) Samantha Kearney - My Sister's Closet (BWSS), Vancouver Fashion Week, and SFU students in Ivan Sayers' classes: Lynn, Ilsa, Linda, Sue, Tricia, and Connie, my photographer.

Here's hoping for more fun and fashion at Vancity!

Photographer Connie's vintage jewelry

Colleen, Ilsa, Lynn
Students in Ivan Sayers' class at SFU Harbor Centre

Love the shoes!

Vintage clothes from Ivan's collection - Balenciaga (1950's)


Anca said...

The vintage clothes are really pretty :)

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Fashion Tidbits said...

i want to see the documentary so badly!

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