Monday, March 23, 2009

Shinmai Creator's Project: Japan Fashion Week

Today was the first day of Japan Fashion Week! It was absolutely amazing. It was beautifully organized and all of the shows went off without a hitch. The first show we went to was the Shinmai Creator's Project. All of the staff working the show wore black suits and were very helpful. This is the 8th Japan Fashion Week and the first year for this special event. The hall had six large T.V. screens along the sides. We each got small packages with Elle Japan Magazines (celebrating their twentieth anniversary!) and a beautiful portfolio of the five designers and their inspirations for their collections. There was even an introduction to the Shinmai Project and those who helped put the project together (in Japanese and English!). The show started on time and to a full house!

The name "Shinmai" means "fresh rice" in Japanese and refers to the new young designers being presented in this show. Fresh (in season) rice represents the new young potential and talent of the designers. This show is intended to help designers with under ten years of experience, introduce their line in Japan. The following designers were selected from a group of fifty two candidates from thirty four schools and seventeen countries: Nima, Donna Egro, Donna Sgro, Aéthéré(e),Shida Tatsuya and Sachio Kawasaki. This was a great selection of designers. They all have very different design aesthetics and it was great to see them all together!

Nima graduated from the Parsons School of Design in 2006 and was presented with the prestigious Golden Thimble Award for his Thesis. His design philosophy? "To make women feel elegant without trying too hard." Saks Fifth Avenue launched Nima's Collection in their New York store in December 2006. You can visit his website here.

The collection presented by designer Nima was a stunner. He wanted to "create a new reality" that reflects the strength of women. He was inspired by women from the medieval period and he incorporated bold prints, exposed shoulders and royal purples and jungle greens to emphasize this. There were some beautiful winter coats featuring elegant and flattering cuts. There were cropped leather jackets, and exposed gold zippers and buckles. Many of the models wore black booties with peek-a-boo toes. Their hair was natural and flowed along with the silky fabrics. The models strutted down the runway to a hard edged and powerful clanking/techno music. There were a lot of wearable clothes here that will surely be snapped up by buyers!

Donna Sgro

Donna Sgro studied Fashion and Textiles at the University of Sydney. Prior to her design degree she completed an Arts Degree in Art History and Theory and Philosophy. Her designs are modern and full of different variations of colors and cuts. You can visit her website here.

The title Donna chose for her collection this season was Octopus's Garden. She wanted to explore the mysteries of the deep sea and the creatures that live there. Her collection featured a range of styles that could be mixed and matched. The fabrics and trims chosen for this collection are 90% Japanese in origin. Donna also designed the "squid print" for this collection that was hand-printed in Australia. The runway lights were pink polka dots which perfectly suited the happy, fun and playful collection. There were some crazy tights, cool printed separates and some scarves with hoods as well! The models wore loafers in silver and black and white and had loose flowing curled hair. Ruffles, pleats and red lined jackets were prominent as well. There was even a crazy leopard print jumper! Bravo!


I was not able to find a lot of information about this up and coming designer. His collection was entitled "Men in Box." The designers, Ly-Ling Vilaysane and Adrien Escarvage stated that there are different rules, colors, forms and codes that everyone follows within their own daily lives and societies. We all come from different places and choose our paths and follow them as best we can. These garments were created to be worn for any occasion and in a variety of ways.

Many of the pieces were often reversible and could serve a variety of purposes. Jackets could be turned into bags and vice versa. The style was relaxed and casual but had a great vibe to it. There were a variety of casual kaki colored pieces and some cool jackets. Many of the girls wore strong masculine suits, jackets and pants. The tucks and pleats in the pieces were really unique and it was fun seeing the models transform garments before our very eyes! You can visit the website here for more information.

Shida Tatsuya

Shida Tatsuya graduated from Nagoya Mode Gakuen. He is from Shizuoka, Japan. The title for his collection was "Mix." This simple statement read on his collection synopsis; "To explore the strength and possibility of the style by mixing various materials and colors." His collection was full of colors and a variety of materials draped and sewed together. I've never seen anything like it and it was quite magnificent. There were materials of every kind you could imagine and the models walked barefoot from one circle of light to another on the runway to the next. Many wore large bells around their necks and ankles too! It was something completely different from the three shows we had just seen! You can visit his website here.

Sachio Kawasaki

Sachio Kawasaki grew up in Fukuoka Japan. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. His collection was titled "Wave of Sound." It was inspired by Steve Reich and "Music for 18 Musicians." He translated eight minutes of repetitive pulse into twenty visualized looks by using a graphical pattern. Every time a pattern makes a shape it becomes a unique piece of art. He hopes that "each piece will keep existing like a practical painting in your closet." It was amazing collection. Everything was immaculately put together. There were rhinestones on the elbow length gloves and the tights but you could only tell if you looked closely. There were some beautifully shaped bubble skirts and coats as well. The collection was primarily white with black swirles or waves. Many of the coats were embellished with large buttons and fur collars and sleeves. They would be a definite hit! A beautiful collection! You can visit his website here.


Wanderlusting said...

Awesome - fresh rice, how cool is that? You're so lucky to experience something so sweetly different. Really liking that first designer too!


Miranda Sam said...

Cool! You're finally there! LOL at the "fresh rice"

The Starving Stylist said...

I'm absolutely loving your blog! Anyways, i just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!


Connie said...

Great write-up and pics! Very informative and extra exciting!

lisa said...

Like Miranda, I'm kind of loving the name for this fresh talent showcase. :-)

Marian said...

How fabulous darling, great shots and fab reviews. I am loving Nima's collection. The last is super too! Thanks for sharing and hope you are having a blast!
Muah x

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