Friday, November 14, 2008

Comme Des Garcons...Another Blogger Adventure!

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early to wait in line for the release of the Comme Des Garcons and H & M collaboration. I met with Miranda of StyleByFire and we took turns waiting in line. While we were waiting, we chatted with Judy Ho (VCC Coordinator of Design) and VCC design instructor Lisa Gellert. We discussed the fashion scene in Vancouver and the beauty of H & M Designer Collaborations. It's great to have access to high fashion at affordable prices.

Overall, I was rather disappointed with the collection. I was glad that I tried everything on, because the cut of all of the clothes made me look really boxy. I understand that her design aesthetic is very androgynous but the cuts are not very frame flattering. Nevertheless, people were buying pieces left right and centre! In the end, I didn't end up buying anything but I had a great time chatting with everyone in line and seeing everyone go crazy! I have posted the pictures in the order they were taken. You can see how dark it is with the first photo, 6:45 to be exact! What did you think of the collection? Did you buy anything?

Adorable Graphic Design Couple Katie and Kenny

Fashion Student, VCC Instructor Lisa Gellert, VCC Fashion Arts Coordinator Judy Ho

The FABULOUS Miranda from Stylebyfire and Stylefinds

There were a lot of men in attendance. Check out this shirt!

H & M Staff
They came running out of the store cheering and yelling in celebration of the opening!


S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

That purple coat of yours is seriously SO pretty on you.
I'm going to go down to H&M on lunch today and check out whatever remanants of the collection they have to hear it was so dissapointing in real life :(

Ashleigh said...

I posted about this too and after looking at more pics..I also agree that they did not look like the most flattering pieces..well minus a ruffle blouse and polka dot shirt..I couldnt go anyways because I worked...looks like you still had a good time which is what matter ;),..and im sure your wallet thanks you :P

Unknown said...

there were some pieces that seeing online pictures I thought looked nice, but others I wasn't sure about. Interesting to hear about fit etc. And some great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's a bit pathetic that people line up for what are basically cheaply made clothes to add to their slough of already excessive stuff. And they line up for so long? What a shame. People have become so shallow and sad. When they do this for clothing instead of art or politics or something that may actually add value to our lives or create progress in the world. Let everyone enjoy their junk. Victims of marketing and consumerism. I guess that's what one has to do when they have nothing else to contribute to the world.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you got to meet Miranda! She's such a sweetheart. I stopped by H&M after work just to see what the fuss was about and saw some button-down shirts and plain navy trenches--nothing that really grabbed my attention.

Hmm I wonder if your anonymous commenter was the same one who was overwhelmed by what I bought in NYC on my blog. :P

Wanderlusting said...

I was going to go but I thought Vancouver got the sort end of the stick when it came to fashion, let alone H&M - though I guess we DO have the biggest store in Canada. Also, getting up that early is too much for me - even if it is for clothes!

Now I don't feel so bad about missing out since it seems so overpriced and I can't stand getting "unusual" items at H&M cuz you just see everyone in the city wearing them all the time.

SIGH. I miss the days when we didn't have an H&M and when I returned home from Europe, no one had what I wore :)

PS love the blog, gonna have to add you to my links - especially since you probably live down the street from me and all.

ryan said...

gawker linked

Miranda Sam said...

Anthea, I had a FANTABULOUS time with you! Even tho we really didn't end up getting anything. You, Lisa & I have to get together before you jet off for a year!

PS Are you interested in the cardigan? It doesn't fit my bro and won't fit his friend :(

PPS Anonymous: FYI, fashion documents human progress.

Miranda Sam said...

I know how you love thrifting. Here's Terri's shopping tips, I'm sure you've got more!

The fifth point is pretty interesting...

Marina said...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
Bottes pas cher
Marina (from France)

Unknown said...

yeah, i am glad to change links with u :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey you...
NOw that is quite an adventure... :)

I don't really like Comme Des Garcons appeared to be very unfaltering on the ad photos and too eclectic... That's a shame that you waited for so long and didn't get anything .... that really sucks.

You look really pretty in your coat... purple is definately your color :)

kokostiletto said...

wow sounds like you had a great time!!! i didn't realize people were lining up for this - admire you for getting up so early!

Unknown said...

hey lovely - you've been added! thanks for your comment!

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